Friday, 24 May 2013

Say you're just yolking...

Well, the darling little pain in the backside HAS gone and converted all the tasty good stuff right into a new batch of eggs. I had been suspecting it for a few days as her belly got bigger but none of the rest of her did. I'm also a bit annoyed, because that's £20 of butterworms that are now yolk. (That's $30 to you guys in the US.) I can't be too cross I guess, it was only really a matter of time. (I also found this cute little clock that fits perfectly on her shelves!)

She quit eating a couple of days ago to focus on the last bit of eggerating - luckily, I had predicted this and have been supplementing her feeds with extra calcium, and I'm using Oxbow Carnivorous critical care mix to get some calories and nutrients into her via the power of lick.

I keep offering her the dig box, but she's not interested yet. Luckily again, she's a very blatant and quite predictable dragon - she'll go diggy mad for about two days before actually getting on with the job and laying the clutch. She hasn't got that far yet.

Vet isn't best pleased either, but has advised that she should be okay to lay these, and stop for the rest of the season after this clutch, being as it's her second. And was then surprised when I pointed out that, actually, no - this is her THIRD clutch of the season.

She's still booked for surgery on the 20th of June, but we may have to adjust this if she goes into yet another round of egg building after she lays these. We might need ANOTHER course of antibiotics too, as she _always_ gets an infection after laying eggs - though, as she's still on her current course, it will be interesting to see if she actually does develop one this time.

All I know is that she REALLY hates the taste of Baytril. She puts up one heck of a fight and pulls the most disgusted "BLARGH YUCKYUCK! Why would you DO that?!" faces afterwards.

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