Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dragonball J

Aha! At last, Tsam is vanquished! The mighty orb of invulnerability attacks! I have never seen a lizard take to the dragon ball as quickly as Jac has.

Jacques is great to watch when he's in there, rumbling round in there like a gladiator in a ball cage - he's totally at home in there. White belly, white beard, no stress marks, ballsy attitude - gave Tsam some serious thinking time. Tsammy didn't know what to do about his least favourite, smallest rival suddenly developing the power to mow him down like a steamroller. He ran right up the other end of the room with little Jac chasing him, and cowered!

He's also figured out that it grants him the power of invincibility. And you can smush an enemy twice your size.

Sandy has worked out that giving the ball a firm rap will annoy Jac - and Jac can't do anything about it. So he did what any angry dragon does when disgusted at another dragon. He pooped at Sandy.

Unfortunately, this backfires somewhat, when you are in a globe.

He was glad to be let out.

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