Monday, 20 May 2013

Sensible vet agrees...

My vet, Michael at Abbey Vets in Grimsby (UK) has advised to keep an eye on her when her order of Baytril runs out - just in case any follicles or fragments remain after her oxytocin treatment.

He has advised me that I have two options: I can either send Jam away to an exotic specialist in another area, or, alternatively he can have a go at it, locally, though he hasn't got much experience in the area. He's sat in on a beardie spaying procedure before, but hasn't had the opportunity to run the surgery himself.

It's a relatively straightforward procedure, surgically speaking.

I asked him a few careful questions - and he is well aware of the possible complications, the statistics, the recovery procedures, the specialist requirement of a breather for beardies under anaesthetics (they do fairly well, however the anaesthesia chemicals stops them breathing for themselves) - so, as he seems excited at the opportunity to further his experience with exotics, I have offered him the job.

I'll keep you updated. I'm just trying to get weight back on Jammy, both lost from her ordeal and to bolster her for her coming ordeal. It's given her a lot to think about...

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