Tuesday, 14 May 2013

In a pickle. Well - in a Jam.

Okay, I apologise I have been a bit quiet the last couple of days; Jam went back into egg mode again, and Jam in egg mode is always quite stressful, let alone two batches so close together.

The poor girl currently looks a train wreck, but she did drop another batch today. She's currently got bad head hollows, sunken eyes, tight little mouth, skinny tail and thighs. I'm a little worried because she is keeping her belly very bloated. I'm keeping her fluid intake up via syringe lick and bath and regularly providing Oxbow critical care herbivore mix with a little VetArk protein mix occasionally.

I'm also concerned at the feel of her bloaty belly - I'm not sure if she has a large poop working up (firmness probably due to a good dose of compost - she's a terrible licker) or if she's having another binding problem as, apparently, her belly is a bit sore. She's pooping regularly and sharted out a pile of egg shells this morning. She's not impressed at having to have lots of syringe dinners, but doesn't feel up to eating for herself.

As suspected, Jam appears to have a couple of failed eggs stuck in her system, and an infection, again.

Luckily, I know she responds well to antibiotics, however the bits of egg are going to pose a more interesting problem - they're going to give her meds to force artificial labour conditions and hope that does the trick. If it doesn't, and the eggs have bound against the uterus as I suspect, they will perform surgery.

If they do the surgery, they have agreed to remove both egg sacs - which will effectively spay her and mean she has no egg problems again. The health risk of surgery is fair when the health risk of future eggs is high - and proven consistent. I feel it would be worth it for her.

Mocha, now, she chugs out eggs like a machine. She isn't bothered in the least, despite her diminutive size and small appetite. Poor Jam has an awful time of it, every time. Even the lizard with penises didn't cause so much hassle laying eggs!

Tsam, Mocha and Sandy nommed the discarded infertile eggs - and Sandy discovered she LOVES yolk. Eggs pop when you get them in your back teeth, and any that is spilled is thoroughly entertaining to lick up.

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