Friday, 17 May 2013


Jam's grand now - as ever, she responded quickly to the first dose of Oxytocin and expelled what we believe was all the remains of the ruined eggs. Just a few hours after treatment, she was eating of her own accord and generally being her usual sunshiny self, handing out free licks and happy faces. We've got antibiotics and supplements as usual, and will be monitoring her closely over the next few days just to be sure the problem is done with.

My vet and I have also agreed to have her spayed in a couple of months to prevent future episodes, as she is such a recurrent problem layer. I would advise that any surgery is a big deal for a small animal, and should only be used as a last resort or life improver for the dragon, not you.

I have found this vet on youtube to be highly informative about bearded dragon surgeries - WARNING, GRAPHIC VIDEOS: Reptile Doctor's Videos

Particularly as he's filmed himself spaying a dragon:

I will keep posting on her recovery and I will also post on her surgery when the time comes. It tickles me that Jam's licks are louder than her footsteps, as she wanders around...

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