Sunday, 13 January 2008

Snazzy Suits and Brilliant Bowling - WTG!

Oh dear. I thought I'd written this blog... Turns out I dreamt I wrote it. Oh dear. (Much much laughter from Him.)

Well, Friday Night.
Bowling! In stunner outfits.
Call upon one binbag ballgown and Storm coat - and then for Himself to up the ante with a rather sharp black suit and shirt with a simple blood red tie. So a pair of vampires hit the town. And rather spoilt the effect by grinning all night at all the compliments... (Picture by Himself.)

Must have been a good look though, as on the last set, He pulled off a triple strike! 30 points, in one go. Niiiiiiice! I still completely suck - I got 56. Oh well.

Saturday was a leisurely stroll through the town centre, and treated to a deliciously, freshly hand made lunch in a restaurant. Picked up Tom Holt's "Barking" (review in the future, image:, several tasties from Thorntons (He very much trusts my judgement, I have good taste.) so thanks Mum for the voucher, and two new CDs (Marilyn Manson and Gorillaz).

Tom, you are an angel. Tom owns a cafe called Mocha. Tom also knows Him very well (and takes the mickey), and does the most delicious hot chocolate. With little spiced biscuity things!

Movie review of the week: Golden Ninja Warrior. Oh. Dear. Gods. It's everything you could hope to see in a truly appalling Ninja movie. You start off thinking the guys in red are the bad guys, but the good guys randomly wear red suits too, and the bad guys randomly wear black suits... And the plot. What plot? It was far more fun making up new lines for the actors. One of them only communicated in sneers anyway.

Quote of the Day: "Hang on... which one's my foot?" - RP, losing things again?

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