Sunday, 27 January 2008

Computational Confusions

Terribly sorry for the lack of bloggage lately, there's been all sorts of interesting laptop problems. The good blokey is kindly destroying Vista from my Gateway, and rebuilding all the programming from scratch, basing it on XPProfessional. With a bit of luck, it might be working properly in the next couple of weeks - Vista has somehow vanished all the drivers for anything useful, including the one for wireless access - that was fun to repair... Winos Vista - they musta been pissed. (Thanks to Him for sketch)

Last week was busy, on Sunday I went to get the train home as usual, only to discover it had been routed onto a bus line, an hour beforehand. So fortunately, I was able to get a lift back to His, stayed the night and booked a taxi for 5am, so I could get to work on time. By the time 5 came round, and I was dressed, I ended up in a heap on the stairs, had to be picked up and put back to bed. I know I have a good bloke - he didn't mind too much when I nearly threw up on him. Thank you.

Wednesday I was back home and at work, spent two and a half hours cleaning an oven I have only used, what, 3 times in the 6 months I've lived there and cleaned the floors, only to find it wasn't my turn to clean the kitchen, and had to go clean the bathroom on Thursday night as well. Hmm. But at least I got to go to the cinema with work on Thursday. If you go to see P.S, I Love You, watch out for the boom - it's in nearly every serious shot, and made me laugh very much! (Image from Burgerking for dinner with the rest of the banking crew, and laughing at the other cashiers sniffing and sobbing. Soft lot, no contest for us Northern folk!

Bath bombs! I have introduced Him to the fun of Lush Bath Bombs - last week was a Ylang ylang, cocoa butter and vanilla one - this week was a champagne party bomb, full of brightly coloured confetti. Was finding bits for hours...

Quote of the day: "Internet romances - is blogging them ironic?"

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