Saturday, 2 February 2008

Much Mooching

Another week idly strolls by, another bit of my computer is once more repaired and I am able to type a little more. (Namely, my soundcard and DVD player work again, and big bits of useful things, like my hard drive.)

Week has been a little slow, came home Monday, cleaned the animals and a quick clean of the shower. Came home Tuesday, cleaned the living room, diningroom and hallway (including scrabbling up the stairs to find the stray hairs that I get told off for if they're still there. My list of jobs specifically states if there is a hair left, I have to hoover the stairs all over again...) and came home Wednesday and packed my stuff. Thursday I spent with Dragon, playing and reading my book, and Friday I poddled back a bit further south to hide at His house - Home.

R.I.P Mr Anderson. You were a fantastic fish.

Poor Bloke has a cold. But Youki-Hi bathbombs made him laugh.

And Dragon made me laugh. There she was, merrily eating dinner, and practising her new trickof swallowing them whole. I did worry about that myself, but it backfired. And I fell about when she suddenly looked like she felt a bit funny, opened her mouth, and spat up a bug. Which promptly ran for cover. Normally when one's dinner comes up again, it doesn't tidy itself away. She was too puzzled to go eat it again. (Mum says - ewwww, mobile vom!)

And Yay for Bauer! I got my CD in from Mikey Guitar, signed by all the members, and a big smiley face from Mr Guitar himself! Ta lads - hurry, grab one whilst they're still available!

Quote of the day: "You have the willpower of a melted Mars Bar..." - Carol at work.

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  1. Never underestimate Mars Bars.
    Grandma was killed by one.
    Never saw it coming.


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