Saturday, 16 February 2008

Congratz, Crikey and "Cacnel".

Congratulations to my friend Will - I look forwards to hearing more on Cody's progress, and good luck to you mate! You deserve the best and I'm glad to hear things are working out nicely.

It's been a while away from ye olde blog. Things have been a little hectic with work, lack of internet, and various other etceteras.

Work has been particularly hectic - finally they've started sorting themselves out, so I'm working like a dervish, going above and beyond my listed title. I'm rather proud of myself, as I was on a steady buildup to Friday. Alright, I wanted to be out of work an hour early, and to do so, I had to beat ALL targets. I did that, by a mile. I needed: 1 mortgage, 1 lending, 3 general, 5 topboxes and 1 concern. I got: 1 mortgage, 2 lending, 5 general, 7 topboxes and 3 concerns.

Little dragon is quickly turning in to HUGE dragon, having reached a sturdy foot long already, with an appetite still to match. And yet again, horrible creature decided to swallow bugs whole - and this time hock it up whilst sat on my chest. Urghhhh! However, she still adores Him, and spent hours just curled up on His chest, licking His chin from time to time, much to our amusement. What can I say, she's a sweet, docile little reptile that uh, just keeps on giving. Wish she wouldn't though. Oh, but she does so like Morio worms - they're crunchy!

And Tuesday was an interesting day at work. Lemme put it this way - I had a right laugh with the customers I couldn't serve. Basically, we all went out in the hall before opening for the daily breifing - and the internal door jammed. Meaning we were ALL locked out of the back offices, where the tills, safe, our bags etc are. As I said to the customers, at least we know the money is safe, if even the STAFF can't get in to it!

Sorry to hear about the screwup Bauer, but well done on hitting top 45, even if Wippet have decided to bunk off with all your cash. Much obliged to all the supporters, watch out for the next coming single!

A peice of "legitimate software" asked me if I'd like to "Cacnel". Sorry, but it made me laugh...

Quote of the day: "If a bear falls in the woods, does the Pope sh*t?"

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