Saturday, 1 March 2008

All Change...

Two purposes - learning how to use PaintShopPro at last, and secondly - my friend Sian is on, and is rapidly making it up to be the finest female online radio presenter! Woo Sian, you go, you rock, you know!

Another slow week so far, bickering with work and idle contemplation. Am pleased to say I'm eyeing up the prospect of owning a Yamaha YBR125 in black, but nothing happening yet, it's just an idea. Although, a very practical idea...
I have a dragon asleep in my shirt, a cookie in my hand, BeetleBum in my ears (on the radio), a book on my lap and a content grin knowing it's not long until Friday.

And now a muchopantness broken laptop. To put it simply, logging on to your computer is like crossing a bridge from mainland to island. I've damaged the foundations of the bridge, which has fallen in. But, if I use a boat (the OS I'm running now, Ubuntu, via CD drive) to get to the island, I can rebuild the bridge. So yay for fixables!

And Dragon is busy shoving my feet out of the way, to sleep on them I guess. Bless her.

It's going to be an interesting few weeks - I need to get my provisional done soon, and work want me to relocate... There's been a lot of staff shuffling just lately, one girl sent to Wells, another two have been moved to our branch, which means I have to ship out shortly too. Been given notice I'm going to be sent to either Martock or Petherton, that's going to be interesting.

Fortunately, I do have a backup plan, but I'm going to have to discuss it with the housemates - it's going to be too impractical (and expensive) to commute every day, and He has been asking me if I want to move in - it'd make his, his housemates and my life easier. Sunrise, or sunset? Will it get brighter or darker from here?

Well. You know what I'm like - I can get these things done on a twopence edge nowadays. And we're off back up north next week, that'll make things easier I hope.
Quote of the day: "Two and sixpence - it's a good quote."

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