Monday, 17 March 2008

Work, Water and Wreakage.

Got up stupidly early, kissed Him goodbye for a few days, shlepped my bags onto a train with a sleeping dragon in my shirt, and likewise fell asleep until Bradford-on-Avon. Which turned out to be one of the places the Avon River blew its banks whilst He and I were Up North (and avoided all the rain). A bridge had become a slightly damp road, the waters were that high. Managed to leave old phone at His, so am having to learn to get used to the new phone. Worked, didn't fancy going back to my bedroom, so had Mozzarella dipper things at TGI Friday's and watched Juno at the movies. Didn't think much to that – neither did Dragon, she happily slept through it. Got back to my bedroom, promptly had a nosebleed and discovered the heatlamp has gone pop. Dragon now basking under my reading lamp in her vivarium. Axolotls have created chaos, too tired to mess about in their mess at the moment – a job for later/Wednesday. Actually, would make more sense to leave it – come Thursday I'll be nearly emptying the tank so's to move them anyway. Peh.

Quote of the day: “Biff the dragon from me” - Him.

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