Friday, 21 March 2008

Sales, Sweets and Snuggled (down to sleep).

Bank holiday Friday, a nice relaxing morning of doing nothing other than laugh at dragon skittering about and sunbathing on the duvet (all three of us). She likes it when He grabs the big crystal off the windowsill and makes lightbugs scatter about the room, she'll happily spend minutes watching and trying to lick them. Having just composed this pretty stripy image for Him, I may have changed my mind because He's just gone and dribbled all over my arm. Mmm. Not pleasant. However, He's desperately trying to wipe it off and kissing said arm. Might let Him off after all. Especially now He's decided I'm gross, after I retaliated with a "Wet Willy" - my mother would be proud.

We went and watched Meet the Spartans at the cinema after a quick lunch of pasta at Tesco, and then back to Tesco to do the shopping. I admit to spending a fortune, but it's lots of good stuff that will feed me/us well for quite some time - I have cupboard space to put BOGOFs in! Lots of pasta sauces, some yummy honey and mustard sauce for Sunday's dinner with plenty of veg, stirfry for tea this evening, fisherman's pie for another evening with more veggies, all kind of tasty and simple meals. Oh! And a specially baked Tiger Loaf, last one of the evening - huge thanks to the local Tesco's for sticking one last one in for us. It was WELL worth the hour long mooch for a bite of fresh, hot Tigger.

Dragon is currently sleeping in an empty chocolate wrapper on top of a laptop. Odd beastie. Never mind. I shall go kip now too - it's late. G'night folks.

Today's Quote: " Start every day off with a smile and get it over with. -- W. C. Field"

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