Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Happy Confusion To You! (We've got the days mixed up...)

My dear lover has been renamed ThingThing by my darling mother. Perhaps that sounds odd, but I suppose I should explain. We each have bizarre names from Mum, my sister is EmoThing, my brother GrubbyThing, my stepfather NoisyThing and I'm LongThing. ("Names subject to change without prior notification.")

Chili was superb as ever, with cheesy buns and a spot of champers to go with chocolate cake for tea. When asked what did we do for His birthday, I do believe the response was "Not much, but that's brilliant!"

This morning sort of meandered past, and a lot of the afternoon was spent at my other grandparents, trying to keep Dragon away from the cats. She wanted to play about, and once Charlie was put out, Riley wasn't too bothered about the little scuttly reptile. For some reason, we have a loaf of brown bread, a bottle of Rosè and some Irish Cream. Blessem, and thanks! Afternoon was another dragon-fest, scaring an ex-colleague silly and delighting a random friend who works at Quirlys.

Word of the day: BustDusterDustBuster. Could be classed as an invention! Hard to say fast.

Quote of the Day: "And your mother smells of elderberries" - REJ, supposedly from Monty Python.

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