Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Hitting the Bar, and Happy Birthday!

Monday: We got wet. It rained. Hehe, we are up north after all. We mooched round town, visited some people that were in and are coming back to see the ones that aren't. It looks like the age of the fluffy critturs may be over - the cute and scaly may be coming in! Even Simon the security guard didn't give me a serious throwing out from Freshney Place, but he knows me too well. Nipped into Thorntons to go see the lovely Ruth, who was quite surprised to find a dragon in my shirt, but was happy to natter and of course, to sell us chocolate. (They're doing a MASSIVE box for about £6.50 - we couldn't resist) Went and munched on cookies from Millies, met a couple of friends at Starbucks and went for drinkies.

Poor Ross - he's grown that daft curly beard back (see very early on in this blog) but with his long hair it looks faintly ridiculous. He's got a new nickname too - see today's blog Quote below. Suits him terrifically well! Once the alcohol started to get through, we decided it was a good idea to go get some food - so we went to Da Vincis. They fed us very well, I went for my usual Penne de Pollo della Casa, and He had Spaghetti Polpette ("Best meatballs I've ever had!") with garlic bread, Sticky Toffee Pudding for me (of course, as usual) and Brioche Pudding for Him. A stagger home on the bus, and a bloated early night. Superb!

Tuesday: His birthday. Happy Birthday You! Card with money from his folks, chocolate from my grandfolk, Anywhere Wireless Internet from me (and canvasses) and a carrotcake at lunch.
(Image courtesy of Somecontrast.files.wordpress.com) Oops. I squished the dragon when I sneezed. She's been all sorts of excitable today, charging around the front room, hallway etc, and running flat into the hearth... We have to trundle, we're at Mum's for her amazing Chilli tonight!

Quote of: "Honeymonster? I wouldn't buy cereal from that!"

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