Saturday, 29 March 2008

Liquid Sunshine and Sunnyside Up?

Such weather is highly unpleasant when you've never ridden a motorbike before. It was a fair old attempt though, stalled FAR too many times, but getting slowly better even whilst being blasted off sideways by galeforce winds. I have to go back next week when hopefully the weather is more friendly to complete my CBT - as a complete novice it was too dangerous for me to go out on busy roads. I'm still somewhat soggy!

Being as I was already damp, I walked down to ASDA to pick up a couple of bits, remembering we have a bit of bacon here. I grabbed some eggs and mushrooms, few other pieces, came home (again, in this hair-raising-then-flattening rain) to discover my rather lovely bloke had been out and done the same. Has anyone got any good ideas what we can do with 18 eggs and 4 boxes of mushrooms?

I had a "Yumyum" today. These are weird things. They look like traditional twisted cheese straws - except they are sort of damp to the touch. They're distinctly pastry, but biting into them is like biting into a doughnut, the texture, the flavour... It's very odd. Rather good, and very sugary. Probably horrendously unhealthy, but damned to healthy, it was nice.

"It seemed suicidal to just fall off the bench." - Shroom, in his bizarre, beautiful and brilliant blog:

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