Sunday, 23 March 2008

Snow and Salad.

Oh dear. Work was... interesting. I was very nearly late, as my train was held up halfway for half an hour. They all knew I didn't want to do Saturday shift as Easter trains are unpredicatable, and I have too many jobs to do. No matter, I got there. Good job I did, a lot of people didn't - and THEN we couldn't get into the tills... An hour later, we finally got the keys and opened the drawers to serve, but by this time the banking hall had a queue that spilled onto the street and down it. Come 3pm and we still hadn't defeated the queue. Oh - and I was the only cashier by that time. Quick news: Bauer: 28th March, Mutineers Moho Live, The Aftershow, Manchester.

No matter, getting home made it worth it - dragon had had a good day as He'd built her a new climbing frame (so she was sat going HAaaaa on it) and fed her greenthings, and then He'd made up a nice salad with cheese, ham and tiger bread - yummy!

Up North, there is snow! My family have made a snowman too, and my brother keeps leaving the door open, much to my sister's annoyance. Mikey says "Don't eat yellow snow. Jesus wouldn't let the monkeys into heaven because he didn't like the pixies."

Random word: Assmosis: The process by which some people seem to absorb success by sucking up to the boss rather than working for it.

The Quote: "Augh! You have nostril-seeking hair!" - Three Guesses.

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