Thursday, 27 March 2008

Buhbye Bath...!

Tuesday I worked late, came home, packed, and slept on the floor.

Wednesday I worked late, went to the library, came home, finished packing, slept on the floor.
Thursday I worked late for my last day, went out to the pub with a couple of colleagues, had a good laugh, shoved a few last things in my bag and slept on the floor.

Actually, Thursday was very funny - if you recall, back in December I went to the Hilton on my first date with His Lordship, and it was ... pants. Uberpants. But He got an extra pate they kept trying to give me. Over at the other side of the room, Mike was being offered my terrine repeatedly until he gave in and did without his ordered starter and had that instead. Turns out that Mike's original order was the pate... Fortunately he saw the funny side! (Image thanks to

Happy Birthday to Grandad too! Good luck with getting on to the Deal No Deal Audience - we'll be watching for you! (Better yet, let's see if you can get on the show!)

I also had to chuckle at another story - one of the lads had been attacked in a bar for no good reason - some bloke had just laid into him to look hard. Here's a note to all the fatheads out there who pick on and kick the daylights out of decent blokes - decent blokes have a beautiful streak of revenge. Yon poor bruised lad was handed a wallet by a bystander, and pocketed it, thinking it was his. A short while later, he found HIS wallet in another pocket, and discovered the new wallet was his attackers. With much smirking, he nabbed the cash, and quietly put the credit/debit cards, drivers licence and other such useful items down the nearest drain... Definitely a dish best served cold - stone cold sober in the morning when the fathead can't find his wallet.

Quote of the day: "Oh yes I like animals. I've got a hamster. But it died yesterday." - a delightful lack of mourning from Alex.

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