Sunday, 23 March 2008

Tidy Tables and Clean Carpets...

Hank recons the axolotls look like soggy carrots, and having had another look at Benny Beanz, I really do have to agree. His Lordship says they're like wibbly blobbly things. With waffers. Spyyk (the white one) has recovered very well from his hefty head-ding, and both ate well from a bit of ham, shlorping it down. Dragon has already got used to having her dinner in the shed, and is fat from cleaning up stray bugs trying to escape as I transferred them to a new storage container.

Spent the majority of the day dashing around tidying things, clearing a lot of the dining/games room, emptying boxes, rearranging cupboards (now all the cleaning stuff is sorted by room and usefulness - far more practical: "Augh! Spilt something on the living room table - grab polish and cloth from front of basket on the left... - Easy!") and running dragon around the house. Oh, His Lordship came out with another classy comment this morning: "You have a semi-Hiroshiman glow..." Very poetic.

Quote of the day: "A good pun is its own reword." - old, but still good

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  1. semi-Hiroshiman glow. I've gotta remember that one.


    aw crap... now i forgot what my daughter looks like.


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