Sunday, 16 March 2008

Phones and Playing

Gloriously lazy, catching up on some well earned rest before my stressed-stomach syndrome kicked in. Spent a lot of it playing with my new phone, trying to get used to its mysterious ways. I'm a stubborn creature, I've had my old 3310 for many, many years – I'm not keen on change. In fact, I do believe I still have a new phone in my top drawer I got two Christmasses ago... Also watched Domino with Teriyaki stir fry dinner. Dragon revelled in a new place to run around, insisting on sticking her pointy little nose anywhere she could (and at times couldn't) reach, so far as to run halfway down the stairs until I got tired of her hyperactivity and dropped her in the bath to work off some steam on its steep sides.

Quote of the day: “We had a pointless game called 'Cotton Houses', which involved nothing more than sitting against a wall with our duffel coats on backwards and the hoods covering our faces.” - Kate Saunders, Bachelor Boys.

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