Monday, 31 March 2008

Snow, Screwdrivers and Solid...

Sunday was quiet, caught up with some serious bloggage as you've probably already noticed, did a lot of washing, picked up some wood from Homebase, discovered that screwdrivers get wet when you drop them in fish tanks and the fish attack you when you go to get it back.

I did lots of ironing whilst being disappointed by "Around the world in 80 days" - I think having read the book several times kind of gave me high expectations, in that I expected the film to at least sort of follow the plot. I don't recall Queen Victoria, robbing the Bank of England, jade Buddhas or dodgy (not to mention physically impossible - Hank and I pulled it to peices theoretically) aeroplanes...

Monday was hard work, today was more hard work. But we have Chinese... mmmmm! My darling siblings found the photo of the snowman they made!

Dragon found something crunchy behind the TV table to enjoy (Yuck) and tried to bite the dice with a loud CLUNK of teeth on very solid plastic. I didn't know whether to sympathise or laugh. So I did both. Silly beastie!

"Yes, I think I just called my uncle a roller coaster." - Shroom

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