Saturday, 8 March 2008

Payments, Pomelos and Pandemonium.

Tues: Got rattled up after I'd fallen asleep to be told I'd forgotten to take out the recycling (and not to do it again) and that I'd have to pay the last of my rent to move out. Which, actually, suits me quite well – rather than losing, what, £600, I only miss out on £150. I can manage with that. Kitchen looks very clean. I thought I was supposed to clean it this week, but I don't know.

Weds: Spent most of today packing odd items. I hadn't realised how little I actually own. Far too many books of course, indeed, about eight carrier bags full now, but besides those, my tanks, and some basic pots, I don't really own much. Oh well! Less to worry about I guess. I did buy a new shirt though – does that count? Image: Harold I - the Pomelo! (Immortalised forever as a planet for my sister, with love from Him.)

Thurs: Work of course threw a new element of complication into it, requiring me to work Easter weekend Saturday – the day I intended to move things, but this can't be helped I guess. A quick reshuffle after much cussing and attempting to reorganise staff, and I'm still working the Saturday, but I'm shifting things on the Thursday instead, as I have the Friday off. It's a nuisance, but at least they're prepared to accommodate the fact that I'll HAVE to work in Yeovil central branch for the first two weeks; that's their fault after all (and they haven't told me which one of the two I'm supposed to be shipped out to anyway.)

Friday: Cleaning of the bathroom, and Pizza for tea! Last minute packing to be done - back soon!

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