Friday, 14 March 2008

Munchies, Music and Melodies (Re: Lost In A...)

Ah Friday. He invaded Kuwait, I rewrote the Bible, and we both found the missing part of the Magna Carta. No, of course not really, you big PLUM!

Today, we woke up late, intending to take it easy. Instead, we got hauled several miles out to Rimac. I like Rimac, but at this time of year it is a little barren. Fortunately, it was quite calm amongst the big dunes and the sun was warm enough for Dragon to have a quick yomp about in the rough grass and soft moss. He laughed at me when I got stuck in a hole. Thanks.

Later on in the afternoon, we pitched back out to Mum's with a lurverly packed lunch my Nan insisted we take with us and bundled back into a car for another haul out of town - this time to Leeds. This time to the much coolness of Delays (with Scarlet Soho as warmup).

And by Gods, it was GOOD. It was so loud, my ears were still ringing and muffled on Saturday evening and we'd supped a wee bit too much, which made everything much funnier.Especially when I got ID'd. For goodness sake, I never USED to get ID'd - I'm 22!

The crowds went mental for Love Made Visible (which His Lordship missed - he got stuck trying to get through) and I got jumped on by an insane bouncing boy, whom I promptly elbowed, just like Mummy taught me! Hehehehe.

Lost In A Melody got everyone leaping all over, Jon was literally splashing people with sweat, Mum got an earful, but his hyperactive boinging meant we had plenty of space to stand safely in - we knew we wouldn't be jumped on, noone else did.

His Lordship was having a good laugh, trying to get through the crowds He didn't stand a chance - so he grabbed a weapon. A pint of crowd dispersal: a cheap lager to slosh on people that didn't move quick enough! "Oops, sorry... Can I just get through?"As always, Mum got The Nod from Greg which made her grin, and we stopped off for Pringles on the way home. Not that they got eaten - us lightweights practically passed out in the car, and we were both asleep within five minutes of getting through the door. Photographs Copyright and Courtesy of Him.

Quote of the day: "Lay down your raincoats and groove." - Poet Jon

Word of the day: Medectasia. It sounds right.

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