Sunday, 9 March 2008

Boring Magazines and Blue Martinis

Saturday: Dragon ended up coming with us. She found the train fascinating and spent most of the day staring out of the window. Until she decided His magazine looked very tasty, leaped on it and then proceeded to poop on it. Dragon is an Anti-Geek device, not only does she sit on keyboards to get in the way of typing, but she chooses the most difficult to understand technological-word-containing page to go toilet on. Good reptile!

Sunday: Chaos. Nothing goes simply on my holidays. Mum's street has a drain blockage, and Ernie Becketts was full when we went for dinner. A good mooch along the beach and some munching of candy letters (Ew, you P'd in my mouth!) lead us to some food, which frankly wasn't brilliant. But Mum's roast with the chicken gravy (*does the gravy song/dance*) waaaay made up for it! We laughed much at my stepfather being a bit crappy - he'd been having to clean the drains - which of course ended up with a roll (a loo roll) of really sh*t jokes. Then my mother tried to kill He and Me with one of her wonderful Blue Margaritas. (Image courtesy of BMs are two good shots of tequila, one of blue curacao, one of lime juice and one I can't remember, but it's based on brandy. Then make it Mum-measures - it was a hefty glass of the stuff. YUM, very sour!

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