Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Calm amongst the Chaos

So here I am, sitting amongst the chaos. Tomorrow things become hectic, but for today there is a quiet calm. I enjoyed going into work late, sneaking out so as not to be spotted by the housemate as I'd stayed at work late yesterday. The sunshine was glorious! I've packed just about everything I can think of, and am now surrounded by a clutter of cardboard boxes, bundles of bags, containing my meager possessions. I own a lot of nothing – but I think I discovered that last summer too. Dragon is very fat, having pigged on many of the bugs that were hiding in the fake foliage of her tank (which she also tried to eat, now packed in a big bag) and is sleeping in my shirt again. I'm just happy she's eating again – being away from home must have been too exciting to do boring things like have dinner!

Quote of the day: “I really don't think a man of my age should have a box in his wardrobe labeled 'Space Orcs'...” - Him.

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