Friday, 28 March 2008

Soggy Shifting.

It rained.
It rained hard.
And someone had put the back door key in a new place, and I was reluctant to wake up my housemate early in the morning just to ask where it was. So I did the decent thing, went and asked the neighbours if I could hop through the broken fence to open the back gate from the garden, so I could ferry things right round the block to the front. I managed to haul the bag of sand, the rhubarb plant and the spade round, carefully circumnavigating the nettles, hopping over the bramble and briar, and slithering down slippery rotten bits of old broken fences. And then it RAINED. Within seconds, I was a walking drip - just in time to finish hoovering as my lads came to rescue me and drive me away to my new home.

I'm glad to say the only casualty was an old tank, stressed by the weather and finding a rhubarb plant placed on it, it gave up the ghost. No matter, these things happen. Oh, and a Thorntons Toffee and Fudge cake. It wasn't squished, we ate it. And it was gooooood! Yay cake!

PS, Image from Natalie Dee - I love Natalie Dee.

"Come with me, oh lesbian seagull..." - A random little song...

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