Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Spoons, Stools and Shieldy-thing.

Not sure I mentioned about the borrowing/cleaning tiff, won't bother (Oh, and found this oddity at dinnertime.) – but I didn't know whether to laugh or be cheesed off this morning. Some of you may know I rather like spoons. Just occasionally one will captivate my amoeba like attention to such a degree that I will have to have it. I have two spoons from Poole, sundae spoons, that did just that. This morning, I found one of my beloved sundae spoons in a blow of grubby fishtank water on the landing; a spoon I had been looking for, for some time now. Needless to say I have rescued it and put it with its partner – I am happy and spoonful once more. Attempted to tidy up, but when most of your belongings are in boxes and bags and THEY'RE what's causing the mess, it's a pretty frustrating exercise. I cleaned the axolotl tank instead. (Ooh! Konqueror Office recognises “Axolotl” - but not its own brand name... Interesting.)

Quote of the day: “Is that you leaving a trail of stools behind Mike?” - Me, at work.

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