Friday, 4 April 2008

Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb!

This evening, I admired a kestrel hanging in the tarnished skies as the scent of my discount lilies mingled with the smell of chunky market stall rhubarb and fresh new SmartCar...

I'm enjoying it here. Alright, so I get paid £2.50 less a day, but then I get back two hours of every day as I don't have to get up at stupid hours to get to work, I finish early and I don't have to wait around ages for public transport. (Probably a good thing, as there ISN'T any public transport to the village/town I've been posted to.) Oh, I don't have to pay for travel at the moment and more to the point - I'm not worried when it rains, as I'm not going to get wet in my boss's car!

I discovered that I'm entirely awful at a MMORPG called Eve and that salads on a sunny evening are tasty and nutritious. I've found a passion for plants - He is lamenting the loss of his kitchen windowsill temporarily - it's got three rocket plants, a pot of mint, basil, chives and a purple passionflower. I have a rhubarb plant to settle in the garden soon, but I'm going to get some compost before I start, to properly pot the herbs up. Talking of rhubarb, I made a yummy crumble today, and He discovered he rather likes rhubarb juice. Took me a while to find the caster sugar though...

Today's Quote: "I thought the sugar was a bit thin..." - George, on putting caster in his tea.

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