Sunday, 13 April 2008

Garden Grumbling and Grumping.

He's complaining about His hair again. Although, even for Him, it's taken on an enthusiastic new extreme... It's not even two inches long, but the double crown has created a cockatoo crest of infinite fluffyness. I've been having a good old chuckle anyway. Even He has to admit it is kinda funny.

We nipped into Tom's cafe with the dragon, much to Angela's delight, and dragon found her to be very comfy and warm.

He recons I've destroyed the aesthetics of His garden. All I did was ask Him to help me plant a rhubarb plant, and now He's "had" to redesign the whole garden. In my opinion, this is a good thing, as at the present time the garden is, in His own words "miserable". It's a patch of scrubby, struggling grass, and the idea now is to put in a gravelled border with herbs and fruit plants. I've bribed Him with a gooseberry bush. I know he can't resist.

"Don't you try tempting me with that!" - Him, on gozzers.

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