Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Augh! Orange!

My dearest Him drew me a picture, as I was being annoying and buzzing him. This consists of using one finger and playing a version of the "I'm-not-touching" game. Buzzing also means you can gently drag your finger under your victim's nose so it tickles.

He and I have decided we severely dislike "Bear Grylls". His Lordship's point is that this plonker goes into the wild, upsets the ecosystem, is never in any kind of danger as he has a huge backup team, and then sods off again. I don't like him because he messes around with, teases and then eats small defenceless animals (especially reptiles) quite needlessly, and doesn't even enjoy it. I got quite upset when he threw a sandfish lizard around, killed it and ate it - I quite like the little guys and they make good pets. Pillock.

I did have a giggle at work though, I've had a day of messing with customers. Customer came in and went "Oh, you're available?" I just had to. "Not really, but I wouldn't say no to a drink." He looked at me for a moment, and couldn't help laughing. A lady came in to collect some foreign money, handed me a written sheet with the reference on and I went to find it. I came back, sombre faced; "I'm sorry, you've missed off the C in the reference." She was horrorstruck, until she realised I was teasing. She went off to pull the same joke on her husband, as he'd written it down. Oh, I also have a horrible orange promotional T-shirt. His Lordship says "It's very tangerine..." whereas more than one customer has pulled a wry face, commented on its bright, summery look and that "it blends very uh, well, with the posters..."

Quote for the day: "I'm on a Monday every day of the week." - Woman from the council - I like the thought.

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