Sunday, 6 April 2008

Kung-Sour and King of the Swing.

We had fun doing not much besides redesigning the dragon's tank today and popping in an early hatch-day present for her of a "RodySwing". This is basically a bunch of twigs and some chain. Dragon has had great fun hopping on and off it, making it wibble about and taking badly timed jumps off it into walls/wood/glass doors and the like. She had a good old scrabble in her new secret tunnel I made and dived in lots of plants...

We were SUPPOSED to be gardening, but we decided not to, as it was snowing. We were also SUPPOSED to be cleaning, but we decided not to, as no-one else could be bothered either.

So we did very little. And enjoyed it. I played lots of neopets. (If you feel like helping out, sign up by clicking the banner at the bottom - if you want any help, just give me a shout.) Oh, I did go to the shop for Prawn Cocktail Pringles (yummy!) and ate an... uh, unusual dinner. Apparently Kung Po sauce looks very much like Sweet and Sour - so we all enjoyed an odd combination of the two. Actually, it works very well, a light tasty sauce with just a touch of heat and lots of sweet flavours.

"I hope you don't mind tossing in a fruit bowl." - RP. Ooer.

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