Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Beginning of a New Year (2)

The New Year: Part 2

New year came in with a resounding bang, fireworks of all colours lighting up the dark, cold sky.

I also discovered I rather like Baileys - having got to a point of severe dislike for Dooleys, and various other milk/cream based drinks, I wasn't sure about it, but it's pretty good. Actually, it's really rather delicious when combined with milk, and Maltesers, very rich. And Bacardi Berries is rather nice, sweet and light; a bit TOO drinkable perhaps.

(And by popular demand, a photo of He.)

Oh, and thanks Nige for the LANers guide, the spare powerstrip was a genius idea.! Didn't get used mind, but got geekpoints for it! I also managed to work out how to sort of use a game enough to keep up with the crowd whilst He nipped out to a mates car. (Unloading of yet more PCs) House looked like a spaghetti factory explosion - think I must have been the only one on wireless - but then wireless isn't good for gaming it turns out. Hardwired is faster and less likely to "break". The LAN party was a resounding success, but He was a little distracted trying to keep up with all the gamers, and the game, and me at the same time...!

So we all watched Futurama for a bit and then ... the name of the movie slips me... Ah! The Garfield Movie.

Jan 1st, all but the most hardcore gamer slept late (LC not emerging 'til well after lunch I believe) whereupon we had pizza! Yay for pizza! I like pizza! And watched Happy Feet. I know, I know. But it had penguins. And some un-Disneyish breaking up of the mushy scenes, which amused me no end, such as the mummy penguin vomiting up a "nice treat" for the baby one.A grand start to the year, no technical/electrical or otherwise disasters as of yet (besides a minor crash - bloomin' VISTA. Grr.) and the train appears to be running on time. Or so the sign at the station says. We shall see.

And knock me sideways with a bright pink kiwibird feather - the train was actually EARLY! So far, so good...

Anyway, enough for now!

"ping-ningininginingining" - s'up, tickles? - Drac.

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