Monday, 31 December 2007

Beginning of a New Year (1)

Part 1: Sat in the train station waiting lounge.

So - having had yet another massive till malfunction at work which knocked the systems out for a full hour and a half, I'm delighted to tell you I balanced in record time and was away WELL before my usual leaving time.

And yes, I am now sat at the station, awaiting a train. He thinks I'm stuck at home alone due to a lack of trains. However, the truth of it is I've been chatting to one of His housemates, and carefully arranged so I turn up without Him having a clue as to what's going on! And I brought munchies. Bless him, he did invite me and everything, and I had to "turn him down" because I couldn't get there. Well, it'll be worth it!

And now I'm getting footcramp, so I'll be back later.

Happy New Year!

"I went to the social to get a loan of £130. You know how much they gave me? Six pounds and fifteen pence!" - Indignant chappy drinking lager with a rottweiler cross at the station.

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