Sunday, 16 December 2007

What a Weekend... (Again!)

Written on the train home...

Saturday: Left the house at what seems a ridiculously early hour to catch the train. Being the jammy dodger I am, even having got out late, and then having to run back for the phone, I still managed to stroll up to the stop just as the bus pulled up! The journey itself was, as ever with the English Rail System, uneventful, besides the rare oddity of the train actually being a few seconds EARLY, as opposed to 40 minutes late (in reference to last week)... However, on arriving, got a brief tour round the town, dropped off bags, and went in search of Opalfruits. No, not Starburst. I refuse to CALL them by that!

Opalfruits, Opalfruits, OPALFRUITS DAMMIT! *mutters something about the idiocy of the trades description name change - since when did Opalfruits contain stars, or for that matter, actually burst. At least they LOOK opaly, when chewed, and they do have real fruit in them. Nowadays.)

Hmmm. Some random bloke sat opposite me on the train justy went "Expelliarmus" for no apparent reason... Perhaps it was my bowler hat and long striped scarf with predominantly black clothing that set him off?

Again, as with last week, some wonderful touring of an area I don't know, lots of exploring the Rich and diverse world. Also, another fabulous cafe - Mocha, owned by a rather nice chappie called Tom. A natural showman, for such a small cafe, it was PACKED, clientelle coming and going, but he still found time to find us a comfortable seat.And the most delicious mince pie I have tasted in a LONG time. Oh yum, I could do with one of those now, and sod it to the crumbs in the keyboard.

And because I promised I would - Thirty Seven. You know what I'm on about.

The evening consisted of a rather lovely meal at Frankie & Benny's (Binky and Frannies?! Annnnyway...), where I finally got my favourite dish of all time: Mushroom Lasagne. LOTS of white sauce, tomatoes and red pepper to flavour, with faaaar too much (*pish* as if there was ever such a thing!) parmesan cheese. Oh, and lots of laughter, people-watching, and a rather delicious sundae. It was supposed to be a chocolate brownie sundae, but surprised me (no, not the chocolate brownies and icecream, that was taken as read. Do be sensible!) by having custard, red berries, sauces and lots of cream too. And yes, I made another napkin dolly.

Shanghai Noon upon arriving back, but missed half of it sadly as, for a start, the programme I was using to play it decided it was going to play the movie in two halves. Shame really, I do appreciate the works of Jackie Chan, but oh well. Some suppage of Bundaberg Royal later, it was a case of a headlong dash through the freezing cold to my overnight lodgings... Freeze the balls off a brass monkey? Nearly froze the rest of said monkey too.

Sunday morning discovered me waking up ridiculously early (as per usual), trying to get back to sleep, and failing badly. So instead, I luxuriated in a good stretch, a little light exercise, and then George Orwell's "1984". (The Richard Burton/John Hurt version.) A very odd movie, inspired a lot of thought, and indeed conversation later on. I am mildly ashamed to say I had a VERY laid back day, not getting out of bed until very late indeed. Why is it that having a lie-in leaves you more tired than if you got up and went out? Missed the sunrise, so have this one instead. I'm very impressed, especially by the painted version!

And, as now mentioned, am wending my way back to Bath via public transport. Another pleasant weekend, another long week lies ahead. I really ought to wrap some more presents, I've hardly done ANY yet. But, fortunately, in search of Opalfruits, I did wind up in a Wilkinson's (oh joy! For we do not have one in the wonderful city of Bath) and replenished my supply of gift tags and the like!

Having said all the above, my somewhat tired battery (and brain) is due to give out on me very shortly, so here I will say "Sayonara for laters" and leave you with the quote:

Quote of the WEEKEND: "Hoi Sin on the wallpaper." - RP, I laughed so much it HURT. I still think you should get one of these:


  1. ooh... got some extra info on the bloke on forementioned train. expeliarmus is the disarming spell in harry potter.... he must have been rather threatened by you

  2. *laughing* That's what I thought -as mentioned, perhaps he confused my bowler hat for a witches hat or something?


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