Sunday, 30 December 2007

Some Silly Stuff and Computer Crashes...

Christmas brought odd things. I'm now the proud owner of an Air Globe! It's an air-purifier thingie with pretty lights. (See photo) And an ornate, peculiar frog thingummy, a wonderful heeeugely chunky black snake scarf and a rather nice black and silver dragon box, among other extraordinary items.

Ooh - news! The dragon turns out to be female! Anyway, I (being the sop I am) bought the dragon a gorgeous (and a bit expensive) chunk of grapevine, and a salad cage. As you know, He has been visiting, and the dragon took a shine to His empty chocolate box. Needless to say, the chocolate box has been played with more than the expensive toys. Time of typing: 22:45 - Dragon is curled up asleep in said empty carton for the second night in a row, having been scrabbling about and digging in the corner for some time...

What else has happened... Hmm, well, in the last few days, I've been stuck on a bus that had the gearbox destroyed, got stuck on a bus with a flat battery, had ANOTHER laptop crash (thus the delay in updating), had a fabulous powercut due to a MASSIVE storm bringing down the wires, had the tills all crash at work on Saturday, and today I got peed on by a salamander. Can't say any of those were high on my list of things to do - all I can say is thank goodness for portable lamps, laptop batteries and anti-bac handwash.

And I have me a party to go to. But shhh - He doesn't know that yet. Alright, alright, yes, I'm a geek - it's a LAN party. Before you start hearing *eeeeeee* m'dearest mum, a LAN party is where lots and lots of people wire their computers together in one building to play games against each other etc. But the point is, it will be a nice surprise when I knock on the door. His housemates know, and are kindly keeping schtum for me, under promise of Bundaberg Royal. The only place you can get Bundy Royal is at the Bundaberg Distillery - fortunately, I have a good friend over in Oz willing to help me out. Oh, this rum is wonderful, it's a coffee and chocolate liquor. The Ozzies swear by it with ice, but I would say it's better raw - the smoothness and the warmth come through better when slightly heated in your hands and undiluted. Makes for a fabulous Christmassy drink. Bit strong for m'Nan though it turns out... I apologise Nan, I neglected to mention it's 28%! I ought to drink some of this Harvey's at some point, but I'm not really a big drinker. Oh well.

Ooh! Mince pie!

Quote of the day: "Dad, 55 doesn't come in capitals." - My sister, pointing out the unnoticed obvious and making my stepfather look delightfully ridiculous. Kudos Kiddo!

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