Friday, 7 December 2007

Ubiquitious Update

Hmm, this week I have discovered "Say Pasta" don't like reptiles, which is a shame. I've been there a couple of times, and they've been pretty good, but apparently a lizard is a bit too much! We ended up in Binky's instead, which was actually a lot better than I thought; it looks sort of American Diner-y from the front, and cheap cafe-ish inside - but the tagliatelle is superb there, and they have enough side salad to share with a small reptile. (The garlic bread was just delish, and they didn't get it on the salad, which is good, because garlic/onions are toxic to most reptiles and birds.) Kyle was too busy looking at customers instead of being hungry...

Oooh - I bought cake! Yummy cake! Expensive cake... £25 for a Christmas cake. Blimey.

But on the other hand, it is amazing, really heavy with fruit, loaded with whisky, pretty and bloomin' tasty. (Woo for free samples!) AND comes in it's own tin! So that's stashed away where only I know (and even now I'm not sure myself) until closer to Christmas time, because my lovely grandparents have decided to come stay over whilst my housemates are away. And let's face it, my grandmother is somewhat partial to a little bit of fruitcake. Photo of cake closer to the time. (IE, when I can FIND it.)

I do like the Coeur De Lion, John the barman adores Kyle (is now determined to get his own in a few months) but sadly spent most of the time trying to rebuff a chappie in his early forties. The general idea was that he'd just bought the "Shameless" DVD box set - good for you matey. Websitey-ness:

Southern Comfort may be lovely, but I don't know why people think it's not a whisky. I like mine tall with lemonade, and a twist of lime juice with some fruit. Kyle doesn't like lime either it appears, so I have to eat the slice by myself (yummy! I'm not complaining...). And the bus went without me! There I was, contentedly waiting in the near blistering cold, when the darned thing just went "WHOOSH" - straight past. I apologise to the people who were walking past at the time, I don't normally swear, but I was very cold and had been waiting 20 minutes. Even so, the remarkable string of expletives might have been a bit much.
Anyway, I have to run, I have a party to go to tonight! (This update's a bit all over the place. More later.)

Today's Quote: "Yep, you're snotty, l'm a git; l think l've heard that one before somewhere" - the ever-refreshing TD.

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