Monday, 23 March 2009

Brrr? No, Grrrr.

It's been a busy couple of weeks I'm afraid - work has been extremely short of staff, so I've been working extra time and giving up my days off to cover. I'm most annoyed, having discovered that my day offs have essentially been given out - instead of alleviating the staffing issue. In fact, I'm even more annoyed, as when my only colleague had to go to the hospital to have an infected wisdom tooth removed in emergency surgery, we were told that "she may as well come to work and cry in pain rather than sit at home and cry in pain."

Also, a very good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with lung cancer - but what struck me most odd is that they've been giving up smoking for years, on off on off. I went round to visit and the house is completely free of cigarette smoke. It's a terrible shame something like cancer had to strike before actually doing it. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware it's a tough habit to break - but it's sad they've been able to stop so suddenly after this news. One can only wonder, if they had just stopped the first time...

His Lordship is still fighting with His bankruptcy and nothing concrete is being said. Ditto with the work - I grabbed a copy of the local paper to flick through for jobs and discovered the entire two pages of jobs contained a grand total of three jobs and lots and lots of adverts. We had a nurse, a teacher and a field salesperson. The sales job never responded...

So yes, I'm generally cheesed off. At least it's not snowed for a bit.

Quote of the Week: "I had 5p stuck up my nose and I liked it." - My colleague. The best bit is we both work in banks...

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