Sunday, 22 April 2012


I'm rather impressed with my smartypants lizards this week.

Sandy "Ampersand" Dragon has figured out how to make her heating turn up on demand - she has been digging at the thermostat probe so that it sits in the middle of her floor. When she thinks she's a bit chilly, she wanders over and plonks her cold belly on it. It's not a particularly comfortable way to sit, but it turns the lamp right up to full until she's warmed to 98 degrees all the way through!

Jam's worked out that if she's extra cute, she gets more attention - and has taken to sitting and pulling this face.

Tsam's also upgraded his method of movement on the slippery laminate floor. Normally, running at high speed causes your legs to escape from under you and result in a fairly hard landing, a failed braking system, or a spectacular powerslide when you try to turn corners. Well, my bright lad has found a remarkable solution to this - instead of running, he throws himself forwards and sort of... powerboards along the floor on his belly, a bit like tobogganning. He picks up an admirable speed too.

On the other hand, His Lordship appears to be having a time of it lately.
Him : "It's got very dark in here..."
Me: That's because you shut the curtains but didn't turn the light on."
Him: "Oh..."

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