Friday, 13 April 2012

Nice nibbles

Would anyone like a free box of snack treats?

Graze are awesome, they send tasty boxes of surprisingly healthy snacks in the post as many times a week as you like - cake, fruit, nuts, crackers, breads, dips... Just right for the 3pm munchies.

I've just got my first one through the mail - I have a cherry tomato, basil and pesto focaccia, white choc raspberry "cheesecake" mix box (raspberry, choc, hazelnuts and cranberry), a honeycomb crunch mix (milk choc honeycomb, almonds and sultanas) and an "Apple Cosmo" mix (apple, lime, sultanas and cranberries).

And I have to say - oh my FSM! That bread's unnaturally tasty. It's the Graze cherry tomato, pesto and basil focaccia (well, half of it. I ate the other half already!) and it is fab. AND healthy, which is weird, because it tastes really, really good! It's so soft too.

I have dried apple slices with toffee sauce dip on the way in my next box, and I ordered an "afternoon tea" of lemon poppyseed cake and a special blend tea for the one after, ooh, and orange and ginger flapjack for the one after that...  Awesomesauce!

So yeah, if you go to and use my freebies code: NLBV93VC you can get your own Graze box, absolutely free, even postage.

With no obligation. Just free nommage.

If you DO like them, it's £3.95 a box. They come with free postage - the boxes are recycled and recyclable, and you can have it delivered to work. You can have them sent out on the same day every week, or two days, or throw an extra box in whenever you like.

Offer open to all, so go nuts. And fruit. And dips. And chocolate... Mmmm.

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