Sunday, 3 March 2013

Jumping Jacques

If Jacques previous owner was even interested, well, heck, he wouldn't recognise his dragon any more. He's doubled his weight in six months, nice and slowly, to 321g. He has headfats, his spine is no longer visible, his tail has bulked out and his muscles are in much better shape. He'll always be on the short side due to malnutrition in his formative months, but oh, he is so much a different lizard.

The last few weeks has brought about an amazing change in his attitude too; after months of aggression, snapping and tail whipping, he has mellowed out. He has got happy colours, and only flinches if someone does something he's not expecting. He still gets grumpy if you tickle his earspikes, but he's starting to chill out about everything else - including people touching his tail.

Jac's even getting the hang of this "being hugged" thing, and is starting to understand the proper way to be picked up - under the chest rather than over his back. It's dawning on him that it feels much more secure and less like someone's going to eat him.

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