Thursday, 1 September 2011

Relocation, Relocation...

As Kyle now has a pretty pine box with a brass sign and her stack of gold and jewels on top, I rebuilt her tank so Sandy could move in as Ky would have wanted. It didn't seem right to have a dark, empty tank at the bottom of a vibrant stack of lizards.

In this pic, Sandy has just found the "secret room" at the left, with the roots from her old tank and fake ficus leaves. Kyle used to have her grapevine there and was her favourite spot for some peace and quiet, as the partition made it feel like a separate tank, whilst keeping it a little cooler than the main. The partition is also helping distribution of weight from the two tanks above.

Sandy spent the morning sat on Kyle's swing (having always admired it and shared it with her before), before having a poke round in the corkbark hut behind Ky's favourite old log. Hyph's got her pingpong ball as she requested, and Tsam has her big blue diamond.

Tsam spent day being very sad when he realised Kyle no longer lives in the tank under him. But not sad enough to put him off his dinner. Hehe, bless. He's got used to the idea now, and was delighted to introduce himself properly to his new neighbour. BOB BOB BOB LOOK AT ME SQUAREHEAD! Sandy rolled her eyes and waved at him.

Went out for dinner to F&Bs as we couldn't get to Cafe Rouge in Bath today (Kyle's favourite restaurant, they used to give her free salad!), and then went to watch Inbetweeners Movie. Very good, cringe inducing. Most amusing bit: the little old lady sat in the next row with a face like an amused bulldog. Apparently it was her cup of tea!

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