Sunday, 16 September 2012

Flying Dragon Update...

The dragons are ADORING the brand new and ginormous P-shaped bath tub in our new house. Tsam was an absolute gentleman at bath time, even when Hyphen started making a fuss, and Sandy sat on him. He knows bath time means towel time, and he loves to snuggle in his blue blanket.

Mocha drank and drank and drank and drank until she had to sit up suddenly and go "GASP!" Yeah, you need to breathe. She loves water, but she's not YET aquatic.

Jacques is still in quarantine, but is beginning to understand the purpose of baths. It doesn't mean he will be any less grumpy about it though. He's still a lot skinnier than I'd like, but his eyebrows are nicely domed, his head isn't concave at the top, his weight is steadily increasing (181g at last count) and his bones don't stick out so badly - not to mention he's not pulling filthy black faces at me nearly as often any more!

Hyphen has lost the fight to that lizard shaped bit of carpet on the floor on several occasions. Poor Hyphen. He's beginning to think his name might be "Stupid." Well, up until recently... I'm actually rather impressed with Hyph - he's found something he is genuinely good at!

Even Tsammy, the brightest of the dragons so far, can't manage the ferret ball. Hyphen's got the right combination of size and weight and a natural ability to counter the wobble. 

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