Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pirate Evening

Well, if you're going to do International Talk Like a Pirate Day, you have to do it in style - particularly if you're a Pastafarian. So, when he came home from a long day of pillagin' not-so-wealthy businessmen, this is what His Lordship had waitin' on his sofa.

The lovely lady at Denix was most amused - she wasn't aware that TLaPDay existed (it really does) and was kind enough to send my parcel express overnight courier for no extra charge.

The top gun is a rather nice brass William Bailes Italian Flintlock Percussion Lock Pistol, designed in 1825 - and the bottom gun is my heavy Bailes English double-barrelled turnover pistol, designed in 1750.

Not only are they magnificently piratey (though defunct), but they're also legal to carry in public under the current replica firearms laws.

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