Saturday, 1 September 2012

Over £750 and counting for MacMillan Cancer Support

"Shave It" roared in as the strong winner, with over a £60 lead with Natwest's pledge landing us over £750 in total for MacMillan! I have to thank you all so much - so "Hairsyourchance" to see what happened next...

The pages are still open at and, but of course voting is now complete.

2:28 - he accidentally dropped a clump of my hair in my lap - and I was "what the... holy cow! Lookit..."
2:58 - "Yuck!" (I don't like loose hairs at the best of times!)
3:49 - the lovely reporter from the Chronicle arrived.
4:53 - that's the sign and the big cheque being held up for the first of the photos - my friend Dale is helping the papers get pictures. The nice girl from reception is holding the video camera!
5:50 - and now they want me to hold chunks of my hair. Icky! :P

6:45 - Dale's stealing a "hilarious" half-and-half hair pic. Thanks mate... hahaha!
7:44 - I'd been asked how much we'd raised at that point, and I was trying to check the and pages. My eyesight is terrible! (£740 something at that point, including NatWest's £250 donation.)
10:16 - hahahahaha, it's like a pathetic dog's tail...
10:22 - aaaaaand... gone.
11:03 - this isn't my best angle. Feels WEIRD.
Totally worth it.

Thanks to my partner, Rich (Yamabamlo) glimpsed in the mirror at 02:45 for recording this, and putting huge amounts of work into the #hairsyourchance to Shave It or Save It project with me - as well as to Toni&Guy, ForbesBurton, NatWest and all you wonderful people from G+ and in the wild for all your help, donations and voting: we raised well over £750 for MacMillan! 

So that's it from me - and until next year, thank you everyone! :D

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