Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ayeaye Cap'n!

We tried out some names today.
He didn't like Colin. "Blergh."
He didn't like George. "Glaaaah."
He didn't like Arthur. "RLLLlerrrrh."
He DID like Jacques. "Nom?"

So I'd like to introduce Captain Jacques In-Parentheses Mardyarse. (Though "Mardyarse" might change as his character develops.) He still lunges and bites like a bull terrier, hanging on tight with his sawblade back teeth though. Oh well, can't expect miracles overnight.

But you CAN expect them over the course of a bath it seems!

I use a special, home-formulated mix I designed for the dragons, based on pure olive oil and lye with lemon and spinach extracts. You could eat it if you wanted, but it's terribly, terribly salty tasting. I know, I've tried it. And now, so has he.

"RARGHHH! BITE!... Ick! Yick, yick yick ptooey.... RAWRHHH! BITE! Bleck! Eeeeeeuuuuuw. Pteh, blah, yuck... RRRRRAAAAAactuallyno. That's not a good idea. Grue."

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