Monday, 20 August 2012

Two weeks to go...

Nice one - I don't even have my collection tins yet, and in less than a week we've already raised £150 for Macmillan! I'm really impressed with you guys, thank you so much!

We've still got another couple of weeks to go, so #Hairsyourchance to make a difference - put your money where your mouth is and vote whether I keep my hair or not. On August 31st, I will be tallying up the funds raised on each side - and the side with the most votes/pounds will win - and decide what happens to my hair. It's scary, but it's going to be a whole heap of fun finding out what happens. After all, people with cancer don't get a choice whether they lose their hair or not, so I felt it was only appropriate that I should be held by the same dilemma. I'm not brave - the nurses are MUCH braver than me.  They're here for you - so I'm just trying to return the favour. 

Will you vote to help me keep my hair?

Or are you voting so I will shave my head?

You can also text to 70070 to make a £1 donation:
Text HAIR53 to save my hair
Text HAIR94 to shave my head

We also have corporate sponsorship, with NatWest offering to give us a separate donation of £250 if we raise £250 ourselves, Toni&Guy are on board too, offering to cut or colour whatever the result, and ForbesBurton are using their business contacts to help fundraise as well as sponsor themselves. They're even suggesting a cheering party for the day! If you have a business - or even if you don't - you're VERY welcome to join in the fun, 

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