Friday, 24 August 2012

Lizards Landing...


Everything survived the journey - the removals guys did an amazing job - they can lift some impressive weight! Terry's tank went into the alcove with less than millimetres to spare; I'm just glad I'd had enough brains to calculate the new flooring into the plan and his tank actually scraped off the top layer of paint from the wall as the removals men slid it in under the alcove.

Admittedly, I hadn't calculated THIS little guy into my plan though.

We haven't got a name for him yet, but he's the last rescue I can take on - I literally don't have room for any more. Six dragons is more than enough for me, and this little dude is enough trouble for three dragons by himself. There's no WAY he's been handled regularly - he's seriously vicious.

But we'll break him. After all, we managed to crack the dangerous Miss Mocha, so we can certainly sort this little chap out.

My main concern is his health, rather than his attitude - he's dangerously underweight and in terrible condition - the heating is too low (I have a handy long range laser thermometer; very useful for taking measurements without actually having to get close to violent and scared reptiles.) and he's got a crappy "curly bulb", which isn't providing anywhere NEAR enough light or UV levels. Bearing in mind he's supposed to be nearly two years old, he's dangerously under weight - his spine sticks out, his tail is a bony whip. Hyphen's the same age and is literally twice the weight.

Mind you, his attitude is pretty appalling too.

He's fast and nasty with it - the moment he sees you, you can see he gets uncomfortable, sootying round the face and flaring his ribs. Get closer, and he flaps out this square little beard and starts darting forward.

Bring on His Lordship and the Goretex gloves.

It's probably going to be the only way we're going to be able to handle him - and we need to handle him to get medicines into him, not to mention supplements. We need to get weight on him, and fast.

Having said that though, he eats well. A little too well. I don't think he's seen actual food for a long time, and he definitely hasn't seen water before.

Poor little sod.

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