Saturday, 18 August 2012

From destruction to creation...

So, it's all go-go-go at the moment - we're moving house on Thursday and there is SO much to do between working and sleeping. When I'm not packing, or moving stuff, we have been working hard at the new house trying to get it ready for moving in. I've just taken a quick break to update my blog.

His Lordship has been taking apart old units and designed me a lovely wash-bin insert into a new built-in cupboard unit, and has remodelled and repaired the massive wardrobes in his new study. He's also done a wonderful job of cleaning up the brick barbecue and freeing it from the immense swathes of stubborn, ancient ivy.

Having merrily totalled the old kitchen a couple of weeks back, I've been continuing with my no-nonsense brand of mess-reduction: I promptly kicked apart the old potting rack taking up so much room down the side of the house, ripped up a big, tough patch of dune-grass and startled my grandmother by single-handedly taking down a laburnum tree, then heaving out the root-stock.

I now have a nice clear kitchen garden, with some lovely low-creeping thyme and a lush, silvery leafed sage. For some reason, I can't seem to find rosemary anywhere in this town. Six different species of lavender, but no rosemary. Eh. At least we'll have some lovely rhubarb next year. It'll be very happy where that laburnum used to be.

The lizards are bemused at all the fuss, but are otherwise happy enough. I don't think they've remembered that lots of boxes mean they have to move. Heheheh, poor suckers...

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