Thursday, 23 August 2012

Luggin' the Lizards

Here it is - moving day at last...

The glorious new floor is a laid, the living room walls are now a delicious confection of cool creamy custard yellow with meringue coving and the kitchen is ... um, raw plaster.

But never mind! Even Tsammy's got into the swing of helping pack and move things - it's always fun to find a self-propelling box. Saves me the hassle of moving it, I guess.

When he's not helping move boxes, he's making me proud - curled up quietly in his basket and acting as a perfect role model to the others. They're all a little nervous as they know something is going on, though quite what, they're not sure.

At least their tanks will be quick and easy to stack back together, and normalcy will shortly be restored.

Terryterry isn't keen on being shut in a plastic box, but he'll get over it once he realised there's a handful of waxworms in there. He coped last time, and he was in his tub for over 24 hours - he's only in there 14 hours this time.

I have to tape it shut because he's a very bright little lizard - smart enough to lift up the lid, tip the box over, wriggle out and escape back into the undergrowth of his vivarium.

Speaking of which - I'm a little worried about Terry's tank. It is HUGE and incredibly heavy, but I've measured that alcove over and over and over and over...

Oh. Apparently the millipedes are also bright enough to copy Terry and bust out. Well, that's a bit inconvenient.

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