Monday, 27 August 2012

Bitey Bugger!

It's sad really. All dragons hit a "teenage" phase, a period of three days to three months where they act out and try to be boss, usually between the age of six and nine months. A dragon turns out like this little guy when they have either an inexperienced, scared owner, or one that just doesn't give a damn.

Once a lizard thinks it is the boss, it is quite difficult to get them back out of it again - they have no reason to trust the inferior creatures that should bring them food and then piss off.

For those that could do with learning, this is the first step to putting an aggressive and undernourished dragon back in their place. I don't tolerate being bitten at - but I do take the opportunity to stuff a tasty food in there.

With the aid of His Lordship's Goretex gloves, the little guy's already accidentally eaten five dragon fly larvae and most of two grapes whilst trying to attack my fingers - that'll do wonders for his severe dehydration.

Tomorrow, vitamin coated tasty things. And to order some new light fittings.

It seems the little guy didn't understand fun previously either. He has spent the last half hour running up and down this big bit of cork bark I've given him, apparently in a great sense of ... well, considering how scared and angry he is, comparative joy.

With persistence, I finally managed to securely catch him and he calmed down (well, stopped freaking out) long enough to get some oxbow vitamin and protein herbivore mix with added calcium in him.

You just have to be patient and firm with angry dragons - and watch out for those back teeth. The front teeth are pointy and sharp, yes, but the BACK teeth are saw blades built directly into the powerfully muscled jawbone and are like razors.

Use armoured gloves if you have a dragon that is dedicated and determined to deal a nasty blow. You'll thank me later.

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