Monday, 6 August 2012

A Owl?

Either English isn't this dude's first language, or he has an awesome sense of humour, or I should worry about the state of people today... I saw an ebay listing for "A OLD OIL CAN". So, thinking it was just a typo (then copied and pasted into the description) I sent in a question for the giggles: "Izzit like a owl?"

I received [SIC]: "i am sorry i donot no want you mead a bout it looks like a owl. i just took pic. thanks" Mind you, further investigation reveals that he likes "colactables" and "a antique" or two - and I discovered what is now my all-time favourite listing: "a collactable door stop of a dog". Something about that phrase really tickles me. 

My brain reads that and translates it as: "Ugh. Rover's a complete door stop of a dog."

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